Great Works


Great Works was founded over a decade ago, with the objective of helping our clients please their consumers. We believe that in a time when consumers are all equppied with digital super powers and are spoiled with options, the only way to build sustainable business value is to please them. Really please them.

Great Works operate at the intersection of business development, technology and design, innovating and accelerating new business ideas. Ideas that consumers want. Ideas that solve consumer problems and add value to their everyday life.

Our clients span industries as diverse as spirits, banking, fashion, travel, media and waste management. However diverse, they all face similar challenges in their tranformation.

Are we ready to meet a future dominated by digital natives?
Are we testing new ideas and innovations fast enough?
Are we changing at the same pace as the market and our competitors?
Are we using technology to its full potential?

If your organisation is having concerns like these, we would love to help you make your consumers happy. Just give us a call!